Soundbaker Studios

Soundbaker is a multi-purpose recording and production studio owned and managed by producer, engineer & songwriter Rob Agostini. Highly dedicated to his craft, Rob enjoys working over numerous musical genres and offers superior service to all clients and projects.

Rob’s credits include cuts by; Dido, Cahoots, Deborah Cox, Maude, Tim & Jean, Sun Rai, Mike Dignam, Jaz Dhami, Richard Judge.

Rob-Agostini_Soundbaker-Studios_1600px-by-Gareth-Andersen_2709Photo by Gareth Andersen

Soundbaker Studios offers professional recording, production and mixing solutions for bands, singer-songwriters, game developers and record labels from Australia and around the Globe.

The main recording room is approximately 9 meters long, 6.5 meters wide with a ceiling of 3.8 meters high and all of our instruments, outboard, microphones, amplifiers and coffee machine are well maintained.

Conveniently situated just 10 minutes from Perth City, offering a modern and relaxing commercial workspace to ensure your creative ideas reach their full potential.

Rob’s approach to production is unique and his expertise centres around working closely with songwriters & bands who require a ‘producer’s ear’ to be applied to their material whilst getting the absolute best out of every project – on time and to a budget.

Make your next recording something you actually want to show people!

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To preview some of Rob’s work, listen to tracks at the bottom of this page or visit his Soundcloud