Here is a small selection of testimonials and quotes regarding Soundbaker.
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As a singer/songwriter with no formal training and limited instrumental capabilities, Rob helped transform a very basic demo of just piano and vocal into exactly the style of track I had in mind. He completely understood where I wanted to go with it and made it even better than I had imagined. An extremely talented musician and producer, he's also very laid-back and a dream to work with.

Cate Turner (Singer/Songwriter)

Rob is a wizard in all things production, songwriting and mixing. He will go above and beyond to give you the results you want. He is a multitalented artist whose passion for music production of all musical genres is inspiring and motivating. Any idea I had, no matter how abstract, Rob was able to translate it into a sound that was even better than I imagined. Rob is down-to-earth, with great insight into the inner-workings of the music industry. I cannot recommend Soundbaker Studios more highly!

Stephanie Clarnette Singer/Songwriter

I loved my experience at Soundbaker Studios. Rob is a really nice guy who knows his studio and his gear like the back of his hand. He is super easy to work with and can get the results you’re looking for on time and to a budget. Can’t go wrong with Rob at Soundbaker!

Michael Ellis Singer/Songwriter

As a songwriter who neither produces nor plays any instruments, it is difficult to get my songwriting and music ideas down musically. Rob is fantastic and very professional in the way he puts my ideas into music and works around my melodies, lyrics and ideas. He is a pleasure to work with and takes on board my suggestions, while also providing his own suggestions in an attempt to make the best sounding possible pop songs!

Michael Romanelli Lyricist/Songwriter

Three words to describe Rob Agostini and my experience working with him; Talented, Efficient and Cooperative. He is very talented when it comes to music arrangement. Equipped with his varied sound collections, he always came up with some fresh ideas. He made the music production process very efficient and before we met, had even already prepared some material. In the end, we managed to wrap-up recording in two days. In the production process, he was also very cooperative to accommodate my ideas. Thanks Rob for your magic!

Tess Ozteron

I made the decision to record an album of my original songs, and, fully prepared to invest in the project, knew I needed to find the best possible person to record and produce it. Naturally, I turned to the internet and spent months web-stalking Perth’s studios and producers (and their clients’ music) before making contact with anyone.
Rob was the first person to get back to me, and the only person to offer me a meeting. I walked into Soundbaker with absolutely no knowledge of the recording process. My understanding of music production was limited, I had no idea what to expect, and because of this, I was worried about not being taken seriously. I never thought a year later I’d be preparing for an album launch show!
Rob put my mind completely at ease within our first session. He is highly passionate about what he does and will always go above and beyond to achieve the best possible results, no matter what the project is. Rob is incredibly knowledgeable and his advice and feedback is always delivered with integrity. He has a great ear, fantastic creative ideas, and is very talented and musically versatile.
Working on my album with Rob over the past year has been a truly unique experience and I have enjoyed every moment. I have learnt so much over the whole process and become a better musician. I’m beyond thrilled with the almost-finished product.
Rob is the complete package. If you need a music producer, songwriter, recording engineer, mixer, world-class studio owner, teacher, friend, purveyor of fine teas – Rob is your guy.

Catherine Clarnette Catherine Clarnette

Due to a unique set of circumstances, our debut hard rock CD 'Spellbound' was a long time coming, and hence, extremely important to me. The songs were big, the project was big, and I needed a top shelf producer. 
Rob was recommended to me by another exceptional professional musical friend, and I really couldn't be happier with the entire experience. 
We started official production on the 24th March 2014. and it took place over a period of 18 months to late 2015
From day one, all band members felt relaxed, inspired and excited.
The studio, which is spacious and well equipped with the latest digital technology, is also very comfortable in atmosphere, including ambience and incense. Preparation was swift, and time was utilised in the best possible way.
Throughout the epic 12 song journey, Rob's efficiency, speed of skill and professionalism was outstanding, along with his helpful and friendly demeanour. He gave accurate and creative input, and personally assisted us through trouble spots. 
Rob is now a valued friend...I miss spending time at Soundbaker creating magic, and I would not hesitate to record any of my ongoing and future music projects at Soundbaker Studio.

Soda Lee Beltane Fire

Huge thanks to Rob Agostini from Soundbaker Studios. 3 songs (all completely different to one another) in 3 days. With only a base guide and a vocal melody to work with he has created masterpieces out of thin air. Sophia and I are so happy.

Stephen Wells Music Manager (Sophia Marie)

Working with Rob Agostini at Soundbaker surpassed my expectations beyond my wildest dreams. With his guidance as Producer and Co-writer of my latest EP I am proud to say that we have created my best work yet. His organisation and professionalism ensures the journey of recording runs smoothly & is also lots of fun. His knowledge of the industry, his creative mind & sensational mixing skills sets him apart from the rest & his studio has state of the art equipment and a great energy so you feel comfortable to produce a world class product. I have worked in studios all around the world, and Soundbaker is my favourite place by far.
Thanks for everything Rob!

Amanda Canzurlo Bloom

Really had a blast working with Rob Agostini at Soundbaker Studios in Perth. Myself and a drummer Ben Vanderwal tracked many elements of our EP in the same room - 100% live, which can pose issues with a session sonically. Rob has a set up which caters for this wonderfully, but can also track a full band without losing visibility or vibe - and the vibe is nothing short of great! Really open and great sounding acoustic space in there. Along with great engineering and mixing skills, Rob's one of the most efficient people i’ve worked with in the recording world: after the sessions, file transfers, prompt communication, even when i was overseas - was seamless. i’d recommend Rob and his facility to anyone who’s serious about capturing good music on record!

Rai Thistlethwayte Sun Rai

The most important complement we can give Rob Agostini from Soundbaker Studios, is that he gave us exactly the album WE wanted. From the lead vocals, lead guitars to the vocal harmonies and drums, it all was recorded and mixed just as we had always dreamed it would be, except that there were things included in the album that we never could have dreamed of too because Rob always had ideas to sugges...t for the songs. Mainly just little things. Never anything overbearing. Always complimentary like a two note guitar chime in a chorus. Such a small thing, but it totally lifted the song and now we can't imagine the song without it. Also, if Rob had an idea that we didn't want to use, there was never an issue, never any ego. Just pure service and total focus on giving us a product we would be happy with. Mixing the album was a breeze. We always felt comfortable just letting Rob go away and do his job, because 95% of the mix would be perfect on the first go and then if we wanted to tweak the other 5%, it would take just one explanation and he would instantly understand and change things to our personal taste. It was a joy working with Rob and I cannot express enough how happy we are with our Evil album. We love you Rob!

Wicked Wench

Rob Agostini @Soundbaker is an absolute legend! If anyone ever needs to record he is definitely the one to do it!

Morgan Bain Singer Songwriter

The hardest thing for anyone starting a career in music is finding people you can trust. Rob never over sold himself to me, never tried to make out that he could work miracles and never let me down! Always I have gotten value for money and I have always walked away excited about how he has lifted the quality of my music. Rob never makes me feel like he is trying to take over my music which many other producers did. He always respects my ideas but at the same time is full of great ideas of his own and never takes offence on the few times I decide not to use them. I cannot recommend Rob Agostini highly enough. A true professional!

Sophia Marie Singer Songwriter

Rob at Soundbaker is the perfect blend
of producer, engineer, mixer & friend
He has indeed got the gift of 'the ear'
not only does he listen he truly does hear
All the things that you dream your recording could be
And he delivers beyond all expectancies

Brie-Arne Independent Artist & lover of good music

Soundbaker is the only Perth studio for me. Not only is Rob Agostini an excellent technician, but he is one of the most affable and easygoing producers in the industry. Brilliant results, consistently.

Chris Gibbs Professional Musician

There is no other studio in Perth that impresses you visually as much as Soundbaker, and i’m only talking about the engineer here haha just playing. Have had such a good time working with Rob over the years, brings fun, seriousness, professionalism and quality of equipment all rolled up into a package that is incomparable.

J-sky Jupiter Entertainment

If you've got a session, kick it to Ago.

Ben Vanderwal Professional Musician

Rob. You are a fantastic and creative person. From the day I met you I connected with your adventurous outlook on life, music and performance. A positive 'can do' professional who has never let me down in the 10+ years I have been working with you.

Ian Ed Robertson Nextworld Studios Pty Ltd

"If he's not Perth's best producer then he is certainly in the top two or three. You don't get nominated for WAM's "Producer of the Year" award 3 (or 4) times by accident."

Darren Halifax Satellite Recording Studio

I have worked with Rob Agostini many times but I have also worked throughout Australia extensively, being previously signed to Sony Music Worldwide.

In my experience, I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed working with anyone more than Soundbaker Studios. Apart from Rob's easy going nature, which always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, I found his professionalism and recording ability to be the highest I have ever seen.  His skills in the studio are incredible. I don’t like wasting time, and Rob gets things done at a pace equal to me, which is not easy! The quality of my album is superb and I also found that Rob will go that extra mile to make the work 100% because he values what he does not only for himself but for the artist. He genuinely cares.

That’s rare, in my opinion. I have done and will continue to recommend Soundbaker Studios as one of the best studios I’ve ever know.Keep up the good work Rob. And continued success as you deserve it.

Karina Di Fabio Independent Artist/Producer

I have worked with many producers in my time however none are more efficient and productive than Rob. Rob has a diverse range of musical knowledge which also allows unique concepts to come to fruition. A full day at Soundbaker always generates results and more importantly great songs. I always look forward to my next studio session with Soundbaker!

Denny Thakrar Independent Artist

My band has worked with Soundbaker for all our releases and we have been really happy with the results. Rob has a keen ear and was able to bring out the best in our tracks as well as offer a lot of great advice on arrangements and production direction. Recording in the studio was an enjoyable experience - Rob is an easy going guy but also incredibly efficient and professional, and the relaxed studio environment lends itself to some really creative and productive work. I'd be happy to recommend Soundbaker to anyone, and look forward to recording our next project there.

Aaron Peden Aaron Peden/The Bronze

I've worked with Rob in the production of three albums and have a fourth planned for 2012.  Not only does Rob have a superb ear and attention to detail, but also he's able to bring out the very best from his musicians and vocalists.

Having produced an album in a well known UK studio I can say, without a doubt, that Rob's mixing has been of a far superior quality making even me sound good!

In addition I enjoy working with people who are punctual and efficient.   It may be cool to be casual with regards to time and money, but that's not for me.  Soundbaker provides a relaxed and stress free environment and enough coffee to keep you buzzing. Highly recommend the experience despite the fact Rob has never requested "more cowbells" on any recording.

Dr Neil Burman Independent Artist

Having recorded at other studios in the past, we have to say, never has a studio felt so relaxed with an atmosphere conducive to producing any style of music.  Our style/sound being of a metal genre was not a challenge for Sound Baker to capture. Rob, your ability to listen, research and understand our style was both refreshing and unique.  Your approach and friendly mannerisms along with many years of credible experience also enabled us to feel relaxed and comfortable so we could nail the part.  We are looking forward to returning later in the year to complete a full album.

Axe Cane Independent Artist

Starting out was hard work, going from studio to studio with no-one being able to capture the essence and full sound of our live show on a studio recording.... Then we met Rob the Agostinimeister! Working with him at Soundbaker was one of the best experiences, easy, stress free, productive and more than helpful with creative input and patience. I could not be happier with how easy it was to finalize our A Touch Of Death E.P not to mention the quality that he pulled out of every track.

Clayton Mitchell Reaper's Riddle

Easily the most effective 8 hours in a studio I've ever spent.  Great recording gear teamed with an easy going atmosphere made for a highly productive session.  Love Rob's quirky sense of humor, kept everyone grounded the whole day!

Ashleigh Rodier Independent Artist

My recording experiences with Rob Agostini/Soundbaker have been nothing short of life changing. Rob possesses the innate ability to take your raw song and turn it into not only the best possible version of the song, but to also add creative elements that are beyond your initial perception of what the song could be. He has a genuine and sincere care in each individual song, and you never ever feel like the record session is on auto-pilot; he is able to consistently emotionally invest himself in YOUR songs, and you can't help but feel empowered by this. If you want to sound like the best possible version of yourself, Rob Agostini is your guy.

Ryan Webb Independent Artist

We were lucky enough to record our debut EP with Rob at Soundbaker, and the experience can be likened to a cheese platter; there was so much to explore, try out, combine and discard, one could be easily overwhelmed. Rob guided us through with his wisdom and mad skills, and we think the result is ultimately delicious.

Goodnight Tiger Independent Artist

Recording with Rob at Soundbaker Studios is always an exciting and creative time for me. Rob's a great listener, his knowledge helped me turn my vision into a record that I love.

Michael Paolino Independent Artist/Producer (Husband, Guitarist/Carl Fox)

Over the last 5-6 years I have had the great pleasure and honour of being able to work with Rob Agostini on several projects that have included artists such as: John Bennett from Bidyadanga Community right through to electro-pop outfit, Tim & Jean. I've always loved working with Rob as he has an amazing ability of being able to record, produce, write and perform the most outstanding pieces of work with such timeless effort.

Jade Masters Professional Musician/A & R Executive

Choosing a producer can be a career-changing decision, there are many boxes to tick, creativity, humility and above-all integrity, Rob ticks the boxes, trust me.

John Trotter Professional Musician

I had a good listen to your sampler CD and it sounds great, so well done. It all sounds exciting and you can’t ask for more than that. It’s also beautifully recorded, so I’m sure you’re going places. Keep up the good work!!

John Ravenhall Record Producer