Summer Sessions!

1st Dec 2019 – 29 Feb 2020

Soundbaker Studios

Announcing a new intro-priced package for new customers to Soundbaker Studios, Summer Sessions is priced to affordably introduce new singer-songwriters to the professional recording process.

Rob has a professional and approachable nature that helps people of all ages discover their songwriting abilities in a relaxed environment. Summer Sessions takes an individual approach to take your song ideas to the next level. Rob has 15 years experience helping new songwriters develop their songs into a professional demo recording, or an official artist release.

Half day session voucher (4 hours) = $279

Full day session voucher (8 hours) = $495

Sessions valid from 1st December 2019 through to 29 February 2020 with a limited number of Summer Sessions packages being made available.
“Rob helped transform a very basic demo into exactly the style of track I had in mind. He completely understood where I wanted to go with it and made it even better than I had imagined. An extremely talented musician and producer, he’s also very laid-back and a dream to work with.” Cate Turner (Singer/Songwriter)

“I loved my experience at Soundbaker Studios. Rob is a really nice guy who knows his studio and his gear like the back of his hand. He is super easy to work with and can get the results you’re looking for on time and to a budget. Can’t go wrong with Rob at Soundbaker!”
Michael Ellis (Singer/Songwriter)


Dido – “Give You Up”

I’m incredibly thrilled “Give You Up” was released and is the leading single on Dido’s comeback album. I co-wrote this tune in London with long-time collaborator Denny Thakrar and UK songwriters Si Hulbert and Dee Adam after a difficult break-up of my own which no doubt, found its way into this song. No one could have sung the story better than Dido, her voice is sounding better than ever.  The offical video clip is below!

Ben Vanderwal (My Name Is Nobody)

Congratulations to Ben for all his hard work, creative insight and vision into this fine release. Very happy to have been part of this and hope to hear more soon.

***Sydney Morning Herald Review ***
 My Name Is Nobody

There’s a sense of space here: vast vistas that can replenish the soul with their sprawling beauty, or unsettle it because of that very same expansiveness. Most of us, after all, cling with our fingernails to this continent’s seaboard, our backs to a desert emptiness that can excite a little psychic angst. My Name Is Nobody consists of three Western Australians: drummer Ban Vanderwal (who writes most of the material), Tom O’Halloran (piano, keyboards) and Lucky Oceans (pedal steel and national guitars). Although assorted guests join them here and there the trio is remarkably self-contained as it lets beguiling melodies unfold over slow, understated grooves. They have a keen ear for layering sounds, so that the barely heard, carillon-like piano arpeggios on Rambling Waltz, for instance, are precisely what lends the piece its disquieting depth. Perhaps no instrument so instantly conjures a particular sound-world as the pedal-steel, but those country leanings (supported by the presence of two Willie Nelson tunes) are somehow made more primal: the soundtrack to our pioneers, perhaps, rather than to sharp contemporary dudes in cowboy hats. JOHN SHAND